Scotland times Spectrum magazine

I had a pleasure to shoot this editorial in the very old White Cliff Hotel the last house in border with England and France.
The editorial was for Spectrum Magazine supplement in Scotland Sunday times magazine
The beauty was that photographer Jameson decide to shoot in film camera like in old days, only hope was to turn the picture alright.
We where lucky we had amazing editorial and images are great.
Here is some of that day
Hope you like it
Makeup and hair by me




About Keti Nikolova makeup artist

Keti Nikolova makeup artist based in London
Being a make-up artist has meant that I have worked with some of the most creative people in the industry, make-up has also allowed me to travel to some pretty exotic locations. I am at my happiest when I am creating and working with teams to get everything just right. It’s the buzz, passion and being part of the creative process that rocks my world.

My experience as a make-up artist has awarded me the opportunity to learn many different make-up techniques, these techniques are constantly in demand for the work I produce, whether it be for magazines, commercials, TV and advertising; however, make-up doesn’t just stop at experience, I am constantly trying new methods that extends on my repertoire – giving the client the √©lan they are seeking.
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