Days of brighter lips , Red lips for glamours night out!!

Get your pout ready for spring with bright red lips. Red lipstick isn’t just a look for red carpet celebrities. “It’s a timeless classic and suits everyone,” also is confidence and classic look.

Pale skinned women should go for a red lipstick shade which has a blue or brown undertone.
I personally love Mac cosmetic Ruby Woo Red matte lipstick, long wear and will stay for very long hours.
Before applying the lipstick make sure you condition the lips also using lip liner for definition on the lips and long lasting effects is beneficial.
Lip line colour bit lighter or same colour as your lipstick.

If you have a dark skin tone you want to look for a shade of red that is going to pop out against your skin. To achieve that look try deep reds that are very warm. Anything with a berry to a cranberry undertone is perfect. Try lipsticks with shine to make them stand out even more from your darker skin tone.I personally adore Armani red lipstick 400 picture bellow,
For affordable budget Rimmel 111 kiss of life is beautiful shade. picture bellow,

Avoid red shades that are darker, they will blend in too much with your skin and any attempt you were trying to make at red lips is lost. Also remember that any lipsticks you can find that use blue pigments in them will have an immediate teeth whitening effect.

For Medium Skin Tones- Caramel to Olive
Two things to remember if you have a medium skin tone. Berry and brown tones are your friend, and watch out for reds with orange tones in them. Like the shades that look good on dark skin tones, you want to find a red that is brighter, so berry and anything cherry red looks great.

For those with olive skin, avoid orange tones in your lipstick.
Hope you find it useful




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