Best way to wear blusher !

There is 4 category cheek shape to be aware and how to use blusher.

Round Cheeks

Round cheeks are luck of definition and the best way to make more definition is to place the blush directly below the pupils in the centre of the cheeks and sweep up diagonally to add dimension to the large surface area towards the 0′ clock .

High Cheekbones

Everyone like this prominent cheekbones, but they can look a bit hollow without blusher, to add bit fullness , apply the blusher to the centre of the cheeks in a 3 to 9 o’clock horizontal line.

Long Cheeks

Long cheeks can appear flat and hidden and is not very hard to lift them. Only need to apply your blusher wide as possible from the centre of the cheeks below the pupil towards the ears and lift at the end.

When you use powder blush is great to use powder after your foundation as is stay for much longer and it doesn’t create a patchy look.

If you prefer to use cream blusher the best way is to use after foundation without powder for glowing cheeks.

Hope you find it very useful


Beauty story in Galore magazine, New Agent Provocateur lingerie line .

New beauty created last months is out now in Galore Magazine in New York exclusive on line.

Photographer Zoe McConnell captures Brit model Katerina J @ Milk Management UK in this playful and ferocious story Paradise Circus.

Wild bunny Katerina wears lingerie from Agent Provocateur, accessories by Jeremy Scott, and headpieces by Maison Michel & Eugenia Kim.

Sometimes as an makeup artist you never know when your work will be published, and the best story is sometimes is when is not plan. But, If you are working with great photographer and models is very slim chance the story not to be great.

If you love your job so much and love producing creative images you will do it for free.

This was test shoot between photographer and myself.

Thank dear lord was incredible results at the end and very happy with images.

Hope you like it.



The best way to match your skin foundation !!!

I decide to write this blog as I got inspire from sales assist that try to sell some foundation to the customers.
How to choose your right foundation .

Each one of us is classified as having a light, medium, or dark skin tone.

One way you can choose the right color of foundation is to go to the cosmetics counter of either a drug store or department store. Make sure you go without any makeup on.
Also ,don’t listen to the shop assistant to check your foundation colour on back of your hand as is so wrong. And the back of your hand is always different colour then your face.

Tip or Choosing the Right Color of Foundation:

Find one that looks like it is close to your skin colour
. Apply the foundation colour on your fingers before.

. Apply it near your jaw line on your face. around 3-4 foundation line is the best to see your perfect match.
.Wait a few minutes.
.Go outside if you can and take a look at yourself.

Does it look like it one of the colour been disappearing ??
If so, you have found your ideal color. If not, try another one.

The light in the department stores and the drug stores are usually very unflattering. This is because many of them use fluorescent lighting, which is unnatural and won’t give you the full affect you need to determine if it matches your skin.

This is why it is recommended to use natural light as the source for determining if the foundation you have chosen will be a match to skin.

– Another Foundation Tip

If after numerous trials and you have tried at least 5 or more and still can’t find one, then think about purchasing two to blend together.

Most of us will not find the ideal color, especially if we have an uneven skin tone, scars or birth marks. Buying two foundations gives you more variety.

Since many of us tend to get darker in the summer, we can use the darker one for the warmer months, and the lighter colored foundation during the winter months. It’s a win, win situation.

For the other months, you can blend both of them together to give you your own personalized foundation color that perfectly matches your skin tone.



Fashion video high streeet brand H&M makeup and hair by Keti Nikolova

Fashion Video High Street brand clothing 2013 by H&M new season.
Was directed by Harley Moon Kemp photographer
Stylist: Electra Formosa
Had a great pleasure and amazing day filming video and editorial pictures with lovely models from Models1.
Makeup I did create was very fresh lots highlights by Top Shop Cheek Duo lightly dust on face and body ,fresh and clean skin foundation by Mac face and body in C1 and C2 , without any powder as I like them to look dewy,
cream blusher by Top Shop (head over heels) for very soft natural look.
Soft eyes colours with Chanel Cream pots colours in Emerveille, Epatant.
Lipstick by YSL from their Rouge pour couture 30 Corali Fauviste
Chanel brow pallets for brow definition.

Hope you like it.