How to create a smoky eye with black and silver eyeshadow

Party look to create with only black and silver eyeshadow colours sometimes we all avoid as we don’t want to make mistake and to look like we have punched black eyes.
I desire to write and share some great products that are available to creative this look for any time going out,

When I do dark smokey eyes I normally prep the skin with moisturiser and I’m working on the eyes first as it maybe a bit eyeshadow drops on the skin. I like my models skin to look nice and clean.
After when I’m done with eyes I have to clean the skin and put your favourite foundation for clean polish mess free look.

Here is eyes shadows products that I use on my model to create this smokey eyes.

I prepared the eye lid with bit eye primer (stay all day liquid eye primer from Stilla £13 ) for long lasting and crease free look.

After I did apply Bourjois 24H Colour in Merville d’argent no:1 £6.99 with my mac 224 brush all over the lids as a base colour.
You can use any light base colours over the lids and brow bow for bit highlight.

With Loreal Color infallible Yeshadow in Eternal black £6.99 use on the lower lush line and smoke out the socket line
With this glittery eyeshadow.

Bleeding very well on the socket line .

After you can apply a pop of Stilla foil finish eyeshadow in platinum ,£33.50 on the inner corners of the eyes.

For the lips create a shimmery gleam on lips with Bobbie Brown High shimmer lip gloss in beach with vitamin C and E for high shine ,£18

You can compliment the whole look with very light touch of Mac Spring shin powder blush , £18

Here is the look.


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