How to wear modern monochrome look !!!

I had a chance to be working and create a look for Wallis collection and their new monochrome designers look for this season.
Was many changes and makeup and hair for day time was more simple and natural and progresses bit stronger on the eyes and wavy soft hair for night time look.

My makeup on the model was fresh glowing skin and smokey black eyes.
No eyeshadow where apply on the sockets line. I just kept very clean and matte with translucent powder.

I kept the lips very nude and main focus was on the eyes more in between the lash line with black eye pencil follow by liner , but very bold without any side flicks. This look is very much more effective when is filmed in black and white.

Here is the video from the day.

Hope you like it.

Wedding makeup step by step

Ready for your big day?

Wedding season is fast approaching and if you thinking about doing your own makeup for special occasion with the added pressure of been the bride then you want to be with knowledge ahead of your day.
Here are some makeup tips that you need to know.


Exfoliate ones or twice per week, especially near to your big day to ensure smooth skin for your big day. Dermalogica, Emma Hardie, SIsley, Body shop aloe gentle exfoliate my preference.

Go with a look that enhances your natural beauty rather then trend inspired.

Go for matte foundation on your wedding day (unless you have a very dry skin) that will prevent shine for the pictures.
Giorgio Armani-face fabric
Clarins- ever matte skin
Stila- oil free foundation
Mac -oil free foundation
Maybelline- Dream Matte mouse

Conceal the inner corners of your eyes then blend so it doesn’t look too heavy.
Giorgio Armani
Bobbi Brown

If you prefer natural look go for the lipstick that is a few shades darker then you natural lip colour.
Many lipstick shades are available to all skin tone.

Think about the texture- be strategic with shimmer and shine as it could look too much for the picture. You can mix matte with shimmery colours to tone down the shimmer.

Translucent powder is more efficient at hiding shine then blotting paper , but taking both with you is essential especially if you have very oily skin.
Mac powder prep and prime
Laura Mercer
Benefit cosmetics

Worried about crying? Apply waterproof mascara to upper lashes only and waterproof eyeliner on the lower lashes softly on waterline and blend to define.
YSL – waterproof eyeliner
YSL-waterproof mascara
Dior – waterproof mascara
Sisley- waterproof eye pencil

Subtly fill your brows with powder and groom them with a brow brush to give your overall look finish and definition. Chose the brow powder like your hair on the brow.


You need a little more makeup to show in the picture , but you want to look amazing in real life you need to strike a happy balance .



Get the perfect lips!!!



How to apply a perfect lips for any occasions.
I’m hosting an master class for how to do perfect lips and how the colour on the lips to stay for longer.
My classes will run end of September and the place will be very limited, if you like and want to learn about how to apply lipstick from bright colours to very nude, you can rich me on

Hope to hear from you back.

Many thanks

Eye primer, new black eyeliner pen !!!

New Bobbi Brown Eye Primer ,

As a makeup artist I had a chance to come across with products that will be the best for preparing the eyelids before applying eyeshadow. I try many thing before and primers, foundation, touché éclat but always was a challenge to make sure the eyeshadow staid for very long time.

I had a chance to try new product that Bobbi Brown Long -Wear Eye Base primer for eyes: a non-drying, non-greasy formula that keeps eye shadow crease-free and color-true. They have a broad range of skin tone correct shades to neutralize and diminish redness and skin discoloration.
Eyelids are soothed, smoothed and perfectly primed. Bonus: this extends the wear of any eye shadow by 8 hours.


Loreal New Eye Pen Liner ,
I’m sure when it comes to applying the eyeliner everyone have a problem applying perfectly and less time consuming.
I had a chance to experiment on the last photo shoot with new eyeliner from Loreal Paris. I’m very surprised how easy was to apply this eyeliner from the perfect pen with lovely black effect and easy to dry as well.
The eyeliner staid very well on the eyes and was very surprised that it didn’t smudge or slide that normally will happened with many eyeliner when you are in studio for over 6 hours.

The ultra-fine felt tip gives you total control, delivering the perfect amount of liner with very clean line . The intense quicku dry 12 hour formula glides on smoothly with continuous and even flow. In one stroke you can create sleek and sophisticated eyes. And after all is very affordable price for everyone .


No gluten makeup for gluten intolerant people!

How interesting idea is to create a products that are gluten free for all people that are very intolerance on gluten. If you can’t have a gluten in your food why have it in your lip colour , foundation, shampoo?

Here is some products that are best for your skin.

Foundation : Hourglass Immaculate Foundation with velvety finished is acting like photoshop to your skin complexion and and perfect gift for summer with light wear

Makeup remover and cleanser :
S.W Basics Cleanser and makeup remover are deigned for sensitive skin and tough enough to stand up to waterproof mascara and heavy primers.

Lipstick and lip gloss:
Bite Beauty’s Cuvée Creme Lipstick and Lush Fruit Lip Gloss are infused with a dose of reveratrol and antioxidant found in the red wine shown to combat signs of ageing.

Shampoo and conditioner :
Dove created all new range in their new catalogue gluten free shampoo and conditioner amazing value for money as well.

How beautiful is this and is only £3 each at

I’m sure is many company from skin care to makeup will be focusing to Inprove their products for people who are intolerant on gluten and many other ingredients .

I’m looking into my next editorial shoot to use all etical animal free makeup and skin care products.
Will come with all updates soon.
Thank you for reading


Ethical clothing H&M video test

Recently I’ve been ask to design the makeup and hair for test video that was filmed in studio of Photographer Harley Moon Kemp.
We had a pleasure to be working with 2amazing models and Eco conscious line with H&M .

This year H&M has really stepped up in the ethical fashion world. In June this year H&M was recognised as the number one user of organic cotton in the world. H&M also has made ethically conscious choices in the lines they provide to millions around the world. They had their summer eco conscious line which was breezy beachy. Amazing design and beautiful bright colors. H&M’s most upcoming collection has rich coloured floral patterns, blush lace, it’s absolutely stunning!

Here is the video that we created.
Was great and very fun day to be working with great crew.

Here is behind the science images.

Hope you like it .