Best way to wear blusher !

There is 4 category cheek shape to be aware and how to use blusher.

Round Cheeks

Round cheeks are luck of definition and the best way to make more definition is to place the blush directly below the pupils in the centre of the cheeks and sweep up diagonally to add dimension to the large surface area towards the 0′ clock .

High Cheekbones

Everyone like this prominent cheekbones, but they can look a bit hollow without blusher, to add bit fullness , apply the blusher to the centre of the cheeks in a 3 to 9 o’clock horizontal line.

Long Cheeks

Long cheeks can appear flat and hidden and is not very hard to lift them. Only need to apply your blusher wide as possible from the centre of the cheeks below the pupil towards the ears and lift at the end.

When you use powder blush is great to use powder after your foundation as is stay for much longer and it doesn’t create a patchy look.

If you prefer to use cream blusher the best way is to use after foundation without powder for glowing cheeks.

Hope you find it very useful