Perfect eye gel !!!

As a makeup artist always search for new products and skin care.

I thought I would share this with you.
The other day I had celebrity client that we spoke about how the skin under her eyes with makeup is getting dry and after the foundation much more dryer as well!
As we spoke about it and I suggested to try very hydrated eye gel cream before.
So I start preparing her skin with cleansing, tone and the best eye gel that I use on her skin was
Laura Mercier flawless skin eye gel cream.
This is amazing product that is very light in texture help to reduce under the eye dryness and puffiness as well.
Was fascinating how fast absorbs into the skin. You don’t need to wait long time to apply your favourite concealer, or if someone had bit older skin and dryer I would only keep the concealer under the eyes light with products and with bit foundation will do the trick .

The skin under the eyes is very delicate and is much better to stay moisture around , as is seems not to settle the eye wrinkle when not apply powder or tick concealer.

Always use eye gel before you apply the foundation and try not too over powder that aria to keep the eyes looking pumper and brighter through the day.
Here is the eye gel by Laura Mercier