Skin care beauty essential for every skin type with Weleda products.

As a makeup artist always searching for best skin care products that are totally natural to help every skin soothe, nourish the skin and make perfect base for make up.

Recently I’ve been introduce to Weleda skin care through other makeup artist and I fall in love with their range.
This products are existing for 90years they are ethical and produce in Germany.

I would like to share few best products that I’ve been using for London Fashion Week and Fashion Events that I was collaborating with many designers and models. Sometimes is very difficult to find products that are not too heavy on the skin, balance the skin reduce irritation and redness as very little time while your preparing models for the photo-shoot or show you need effective products and fasten absorbing by the skin before the makeup .

Almond Soothing Facial Care :
I’m in love with this range , is for people who got sensitive skin and is for all age. Man can use too
Organic sweet almond oil calm your sensitive skin , reduce irritation and redness and restore natural balance. It is fragrance free and hypoallergenic .
Almond Soothing Cleansing Lotion
Almond Soothing Facial Cream creamy moisturiser for sensitive dry skin with organic almond oil you can use day and night.
Almond Soothing Facial Oil my favourite oil , so easy absorbed for both man and woman with blackthorn flower extract , vitamin C rich in antioxidant vitamin E for balance and smoothes. Just need few drops on your fingers and well massage on your skin.


Iris Hydrating Facial Care for 20’s

Iris Hydrating Facial Lotion
For your normal but combination skin that will help regulate your skin natural moisture balance. This product got jojoba seed oil smells amazing and will protect from drying at the same time.
If you have very very dry skin the best products for your skin will be good to try Iris Hydrating Day Cream.

Iris Hydrating Masque is brilliant for intensive hydration.


Wild Rosé Smoothing Facial Care 30’s

Skin care for woman aged 30-40 how wish to counteract the first signs of ageing.
Wild Rosé Smoothing Facial Lotion -with Organic roséhip seed oil which provide high amount fatty acids and antioxidant for elasticity and vitality.
Also don’t forget the Wild rose Eye Cream follow by Wild Rose Smoothing Night Cream with evening primrose oil .

Wild Rosé Smoothing Day cream is best beauty buys and love to have this products with me in my kit always when I do celebrity for special events .

I can’t leave without my best friend Skin Food. This products is amazing. Every woman should have in their handbag.
Many celebrity are in love with this product, and many makeup artists 🙂

Skin Food for dry and rough skin is wonderful skin repair cream and is prefect for anyone who got tired dehydrated skin that need a quick fix.
You can use this product for whole body, hands, feet , elbows. Got beautiful ingredients sunflower seeds, camomile, wild pansy, calendula to per up a tired skin. We most use this products for moisturise the models body for very show during Fashion Week.
I use on my hand and body myself 🙂


Top Tips :
Target needy areas by dabbing on gently with your finger rather then rubbing to avoid dragging the skin. Gentle patting also facial circulation, bringing naturally fresh and radiant look.

They have also Man’s skin care , Baby and Mother care , Hair care , Homeotherapy and many more, also much more information you can find on their website.

This products is wort trying and is for everyone’s pockets with very affordable price.

They are available in larger branches in Boots, independent Health Store, Whole Food Markets in London, also on their web site

Be creative makeup

Be creative makeup campaign is out for this autumn/winter 2013/14 with new products
New images are out that I was makeup artists for this campaign, and had a chance to be working with their products.
The products are beautiful I must admit and plenty of colours to chose from.
My favourite are variety of lipstick colours, foundation, lips pencils , and I must not forget their blusher as well.
I like their volume mascara for extra volume for the lushes and is not so heavy .

They are based in Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg, The Netherlands and you can order products via their website
I hope they will be in the UK very soon.

Here are the images from the campaign and my makeup looks for this season.

Hope you like it!



Best Mascaras review 2013


As a makeup artist people always asking me what is the best mascara to use ?

The make-up equivalent of your morning coffee, great mascaras have an ingenious way of making you look instantly more awake and refreshed especially when you don’t apply makeup and have no time for all that morning makeup routine.

How important is to find a easy and clump free mascara ,smudge free and not too heavy for your lushes.
Mascara bush is very important when you choose mascara for your lushes.

Powerful enough to defy the trends and the most popular of all make-up products, you need to find one you can really rely on.
With years of makeup for all my clients,editorials, beauty here is mascara that I think is the best easy to apply and for every pocket.

My favourite Mascaras:

Sisley mascara so intense

This is my favourite mascara of all.
All the goodness in their formulation suits this brush down to the ground and that’s clearly why they selected it in favour of something more traditional. One of it’s special talents is ‘grabbing’ the bottom lashes with no mess or fuss. Very impressive indeed. In typical fashion, the first time I put wand to lash, so transfixed was I by smooth gliding and coating action, I highly recommend.
Especially if you don’t have much lashes and you want to add volume and clump free.


With subtle results and even coverage, this is perfect for daytime.
Sublime de Chanel Infinite Length and Curl Mascara. £25; available at

L’Oréal Paris

This mascara has a formula specially designed to complement blue eyes – but on top of that it’s great at lengthening and fanning lashes.

L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Luminizer – Blue Eyes. £9.35; available at

Max Factor

It’s all in the iFX brush, which allows precise application and evenly coated lashes.

Max Factor Masterpiece Mascara. £7.99; available at


All the volume, none of the clumps. If you want a dramatic look, this is the one.

Lancôme Hypnôse Doll Eyes Mascara. £22; available at

Dior show blackout mascara :

Despite the dramatic sounding name, this is a really buildable formula that allows you to apply one coat for feathery but defined daytime lashes or three to four coats for a darker, more dramatic voluminous finish.
The full-fat brush is tapered at one end making it easy to define bottom lashes and smaller ones at the inner corners too for a wide-eyed finish.

Happy shopping







The best way to match your skin foundation !!!

I decide to write this blog as I got inspire from sales assist that try to sell some foundation to the customers.
How to choose your right foundation .

Each one of us is classified as having a light, medium, or dark skin tone.

One way you can choose the right color of foundation is to go to the cosmetics counter of either a drug store or department store. Make sure you go without any makeup on.
Also ,don’t listen to the shop assistant to check your foundation colour on back of your hand as is so wrong. And the back of your hand is always different colour then your face.

Tip or Choosing the Right Color of Foundation:

Find one that looks like it is close to your skin colour
. Apply the foundation colour on your fingers before.

. Apply it near your jaw line on your face. around 3-4 foundation line is the best to see your perfect match.
.Wait a few minutes.
.Go outside if you can and take a look at yourself.

Does it look like it one of the colour been disappearing ??
If so, you have found your ideal color. If not, try another one.

The light in the department stores and the drug stores are usually very unflattering. This is because many of them use fluorescent lighting, which is unnatural and won’t give you the full affect you need to determine if it matches your skin.

This is why it is recommended to use natural light as the source for determining if the foundation you have chosen will be a match to skin.

– Another Foundation Tip

If after numerous trials and you have tried at least 5 or more and still can’t find one, then think about purchasing two to blend together.

Most of us will not find the ideal color, especially if we have an uneven skin tone, scars or birth marks. Buying two foundations gives you more variety.

Since many of us tend to get darker in the summer, we can use the darker one for the warmer months, and the lighter colored foundation during the winter months. It’s a win, win situation.

For the other months, you can blend both of them together to give you your own personalized foundation color that perfectly matches your skin tone.



Makeup tips for makeup to last all day!

To make your makeup last all day use a moisturizer first on cleansed skin. A face primer is key to having make up that stays the whole day. Almost every single brand has a primer from low prices to high end, so depending on your budget you can choose the brand that suits you.

A primer smooths fine lines, open pores and prepares the skin for the perfect “canvas”. A make up primer most likely contains waxes and silicones. These ingredients can form a bond with other products, causing the cosmetics to have more longevity than they would otherwise. This means that your foundation will stay put all day.

The same goes with lip primers. It creates a base for lip colour for no budge, no smudge pigment that lasts all day.

Blotting papers are also fantastic for any excess shine throughout the day if you do not like the “powdered look”.

Blotting powder is also great for keeping your make up in place for many hours, but do not over do it. You want your skin to look like it’s breathing, so do not put too mach powder throughout the day. new website is coming soon .